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Austin Recovery Home

Austin Recovery Home

Dealing with addiction is more difficult than most people think. At 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs, we know that most recovering addicts will relapse at one point. Some relapse within the first year of completing the treatment, others soon after that or even years later. We have designed our sober houses in Austin, TX, to prevent that and promote sobriety and self-sustainability over the years.

What are sober houses and transitional living programs?

An Austin recovery home is a luxurious facility functioning as a bridge-center between rehab and an independent lifestyle. Most recovering addicts struggle to find their place in a world they feel they don’t belong in. They lack purpose, meaning and feel lost and out of place. Our sober homes provide them with comfort, security, and a home-like environment where they can improve themselves as individuals and their lives in general.

With a team of counselors, health experts, and entrepreneurs behind us, we can help you:

  • Regain your confidence, self-esteem, and positive thinking
  • Participate in house chores and group activities to promote responsibility and sociability
  • Learn to trust yourself and seek continuous self-improvement
  • Discover talents, abilities, and passions that will shape your professional career
  • Learn about entrepreneurship, opening a business, and identifying financial opportunities, etc.

Our Austin, TX, transitional housing system promotes stability, security, and personal growth. Each patient undergoing our program will experience a drastic boost in confidence and physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. In a way, our sober living system is a personal development endeavor, allowing people to rediscover their true potential, visualize their goals, and focus all their efforts towards achieving them.

The best sober housing in Austin

Finding the ideal sober living center depends on multiple aspects, some of which are essential. These include:

  • Competent, experienced, and committed staff
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches and experts (health professionals, career counselors, psychologists, nutritionists, gym and fitness experts, entrepreneurs, etc.)
  • Luxurious amenities for comfort and relaxation
  • Well-designed recovery and reintegration programs (group activities, relapse prevention planning, personal development support, career guidance, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship counseling from competent experts, etc.

Most sober living facilities focus on relapse prevention and creating housework routines, but we know that’s not enough. Recovering addicts have difficulties reintegrating into society, finding a stable job, and making healthy relationships with other people. That’s where our focus is. We want you not only to overcome your addiction issues and remain sober but also become a successful individual over the years.

This implies boosting your confidence and self-esteem and teach you the essentials of self-sustainability, long-term happiness, and financial stability. We believe that, with enough support, guidance, and education, everybody can lift their social status considerably during our transitional housing in Austin, TX.

78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs will open new doors in life for you. Contact our Austin recovery home team at 512-270-3142, and let’s discuss your options and opportunities. Now is your chance to see life with the eyes of a winner. Quit your doubts and fears, call now, and your life will change for good!

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